Free Baby Stuff: Sites and Forums to Find Freebies for Babies

Whether you’re a mom or you’re going to become a mom, you’re probably hunting for freebies. If you’re pregnant, taking care of children, surviving the miserable twos, or planning for a baby shower for a friend.

There are plenty of fun things to do in preparation for your bundle of joy, from decorating the nursery to stocking the bookshelf.

Getting anything in order would make your little one’s arrival so much calmer and sweeter.

Many places give you demos to see how you like their items, and others, how you sign up for a loyalty scheme or establish a baby registry, have free welcome kits.

This free baby stuff is just waiting for you to buy if your budget is tight or you just want to test new things.

You’ll find free baby things below, such as diapers, formula, books, supplies, clothing, and many more.

I scoured the web just to find all the best free baby products out there. This list has it all, from diapers and formulas to books and breast pumps, and a lot more.

Let the search for freebies on the internet!

Smart Canuanks

Smart Canuanks is a perfect place to find free products such as coupons, discounts, offers, freebies, exchanges, competitions, promotions, anything, and all that makes customers get more for less. 

Amazon Baby Registry Box

On Amazon, sign up for a baby registry, and if you’re a Prime supporter, you can get a free Welcome Kit and a host of other perks. What’s in the box is a total mystery, and it can range in quality and freight rates.

Amazon will give you the Welcome Package after you have attached items to your list, without ever needing to leave your home.


Cashbackbase is a common platform for picking freebies and items with tremendous discounts.

Most vendors use Cashbackbase to raise their revenue and promote their profiles, so there are plenty of discount possibilities.

All you have to do is just visit these sites and signup to find freebies for babies. Once you have done that, you can go back to the home screen and find some fantastic offers.

Any cool items on the web for moms include a free foldable travel potty seat.


For free and discount products, Freebie Mom is only the best place to visit.

Of course, on this website, there is everything you are looking for, like amazon hot deals, sweepstakes portan, and no doubt freebies. Simply select and navigate through the available deals on the Freebies page. 

After your selected coupons and offers in your account are automatically added after your account read to use. 


The Similac StrongMoms rewards package sends free samples of formula and up to $400 in prizes, discounts, and bonuses to people.

During birth, they also provide diet tips. Note: The welcome gift for entering Similac appears to vary, but always, you will earn a signup bonus.


From pregnancy to taking care of school-age children, Babycenter is the go-to blog about anything related to children.

There are many helpful resources for moms on the website, including ovulation calculators, baby name finders, and, most notably, freebies.

For the opening, account users will need to do the registration process for the website, and there they have to enter the information of their kids. 

After verification, users will get a discount and freebies for babies and products.


Guide2free is a forum where Amazon and several other high-profile e-commerce sites offer sales and freebies.

The web’s features deliver everything from spa days to clothes and baby pieces, of course. 

Although beneficial, the platform can take a little longer to get used to, which can also be confusing when many of the ‘free’ deals include an order, postage fee payment, or subscription to a specific deal, such when monthly order pages.

MyMomma TaughtMe

My Momma Taught Me is user-friendly and includes online sales, freebies, and coupons, as well as informative resources, tips, and recipes with clearly defined categories.

Tap on ‘How to Get Free Things’ from the home page, and you will then be confronted with the latest freebies on sale. Click on the deal you like, and instructions on how to pack it will be given.

Huggies Rewards

Import your receipt into the Huggies Rewards page or smartphone app if you buy Huggies diapers or other infant items.

You will submit coupons for free diapers or other Huggies items and gift cards when you earn enough points. Plus, you will win one year of free diapers!


Through Craigslist, you can also discover many free baby stuff like baby chairs, baby play mats, baby bath, stroller, etc.

You should also keep an eye on baby items for sale that do not sell and call the individual and see if they can send you the item free of charge.

Why Freebies Worth for Us?

Today, you would need to spend a bit of time signing up for coupons and loyalty plans to take advantage of these. But the work is well worth the goods for your baby and yourself that you can win.

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