Free Samples for Babies: Brand Name Baby Goodies

It is the obvious fact of life that babies are expensive. Between the clothes, travel gear, diapers, bottles, and other expenses, one can forget to plan for and the expenses start to add together. In such a situation, free baby samples can be a lifesaver whether you are pregnant with the first baby or going to have your fourth. Babies require a lot of items that can be really expensive.

According to USDA study in 2017 “an average American spent $12,000 each year on a single child”. With such a huge number, it is easy to understand why there is lots of competition in the baby products market. The companies think smartly and recognize the fact that if they turn you into a paying client early on, you will probably stick to them for years to come.  

This is the reason companies are eager to give away free samples for babies. For you, it means that you have a great chance to save a big amount on everyday baby stuff. Here you will know about the brands that offer free samples for babies that you would definitely love to receive.


The first one on our list is the most popular and beloved baby brand that everyone knows about. But the thing you may not know about Huggies is that you can get free baby samples and free baby diapers by connecting with Huggies Rewards. 

Being a reward member of Huggies, you will get points for completing surveys online, referring friends, sharing on social media, purchasing Huggies Wipes and Diapers, and linking a loyalty card. Just by signing up, you can earn 500 points. You can redeem your earned points for gift cards, diapers, sweepstakes entries, or some other baby products.

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is another company offering a variety of benefits to its users. You can join the Generation Good program of the Seventh Generation brand to connect the community of parents, try various environment-friendly baby products for free as well as get access to coupons.


Here comes another brand offering baby stuff for free to its users. You can join the Enfamil Family Beginnings program offered by the brand to get more than $400 worth of free gifts during your pregnancy and even the toddler years of your baby. Various other advantages include free samples, special savings offers, and baby formula coupons. To get the deal you have to register for the Enfamil Family Beginnings package and keep an eye on your welcome box. Also, avail frequent offers for free deals and discounts. 

Nestle’s Baby Formula

It is another program offering baby formula samples for free along with many other wonderful deals. Being a new reward member, you will receive a free welcome kit delivered to your doorstep. Additional benefits include over $130 worth of free samples and coupons, free advice videos, and practical tools from child experts. To get the deal, you need to sign up for the Nestlé Baby Club and then wait for the welcome kit to be delivered to you in the mail. Also, check your email and account regularly to know about new offers and deals.


Companies and departmental stores such as Walmart, Amazon, and Target, reward you with free samples for babies just by making an online registry. You will get a free welcome kit with more than $100 worth containing samples and coupons when creating an online registry on Target.

For receiving your free baby samples, you need to visit their local store rather than getting them delivered to your home. You will also get a discount of 15% for the remaining stuff on your registry eight weeks before your due date. To get this deal, you need to create your registry on Target gift. Then get your free gift from any local store. Also, look for that 15% discounted coupons 8 weeks before your due date. 

Your Baby Club

This brand provides its new members a $55 worth baby pack that is filled with important and useful baby items including comforters, diapers, formulas, magazines, baby lotion and wipes, and money off coupons.  To get the deal, you need to fill out the online form and get agree to their terms and conditions and you are all set and they will send you a welcome pack for the baby to help spread the cost of being a new parent.

Honest Company

Honest Company is devoted to offer safe baby care, beauty, and home care products for your family. You need to sign up on Honest for $20 off your first trial. You will be provided free shipping upon your first purchase. 

This site provides free baby Diapers and other household items for its users. Honest sometimes give away free gifts for babies to society. Users can sign up to the Honest website then select a bundle or box having baby stuff including wipes, diapers, and many more. Here you may have to pay the shipping cost when receiving your free baby samples.

Where to Find the Best Freebies for Babies Online

You have seen that there are loads of ways to get the free baby samples ranging from earning free gifts to creating a registry to get the rewards and receiving cashback etc. If you get to benefit from all the offers and deals on the list, you can save a big amount on the first few years of baby expenditures.

There is not a single reason to miss out on these free samples for babies. Joining clubs and signing up for newsletters is a wonderful way of making sure that you know about the available free stuff straight away so that you don’t miss it.

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