Free Samples for Women: 5 Great Sites for Freebies

With the commercialization of the world, an increasing number of free samples and products can be had through internet loss leaders, recycling efforts, and discount offers. You have come here means you are looking for free stuff for women. You may be surprised to know that there are many legit websites to receive free samples and freebies. 

We all love to get free stuff and sample products from our favorite brands or even new brands. Receiving free products and saving considerable cash go hand in hand. Knowing where to find such free samples, deals, and offers, you can save a substantial amount of money on a range of products. 

You need to look for websites that offer free things that you can actually use. These items will save you money for real as you get them for free. There are loads of companies that give away freebies for women. Even well-known retailers such as Walmart give away free samples and products. The problem here is finding them. 

With so many websites on the internet, finding authentic and useful free stuff can be laborious and get boring quickly. We have good news for you. You don’t have to do that. We have done work for you and bring up with some of the top authentic websites where you can find free things that are actually useful for you in everyday life. Given below are the 5 most popular and legit websites to check out for getting free samples for women.

Explore these websites and find the freebies. 

Women Freebies 

As the name indicates, Women Freebies is mainly focused on finding freebies for women. Women’s free samples are available in a great variety including hair care products, free makeup, skin care items, perfume samples, and other feminine products. The website also provides free giveaways with amazing prizes, such as Dell laptops, Acuve contacts, and Samsung smartphones.

Recently free samples offered on Women Freebies include Rag & Bone Fragrance, Chamos Honey Face Mask Sheets, Dior Poison Girl Fragrance, Cuvee Beauty Conditioner, and Shampoo, Replens Moisturizer For Women, and Pantene Pro-V Moisture Renewal Foam Conditioner. The Women Freebies also has a whole section devoted to free offer contests from different brands. You can participate in these competitions to win products.

Totally Free Stuff

Totally Free Stuff is a website offering a load of free stuff in dozens of categories along with daily updates. Find the items you like in categories of interest such as women, men, wedding, religious, business, or by type of product such as kitchen, toys, pet products, automotive, and sports. 

When it comes to free samples for women, Totally Free Stuff is a good site to get them. It is because Totally Free Stuff offers really useful stuff for free and not just crappy magnets and stickers. This website is trustful and has been offering free samples since 1998. 

At, you can check the currently available list of free samples and products for women and get lots of freebies. The website contains lots of offers every time as lasts long. So that you can get the samples any time you visit the website. Each offer and deal is from a different brand or company and you need to sign up individually for each of the websites you are interested in. 

Check the whole list of free samples and get the stuff you like before they end up. Mostly the freebies must arrive within eight weeks, but it also depends on the brand providing them. If you got any queries related to shipping times, you can freely contact them through their contact info on their website. Enjoy your free stuff.


You will certainly love the Influenster website for free stuff if you are a social media addict. It is a platform that looks like PINCHme. Influenster is mostly focused on the products and free samples for women, so it is the best website for women searching for makeup, beauty, and other health products free of cost. So if you are the one looking for freebies for women, you should join Influenster.

You will get a box full of free samples once a month that you can keep and use for free. In return, you review those samples. Similar to PINCHme, the free stuff and samples you receive here are generally regular-sized freebies and not just small-sized samples that you can hardly use only once. These sample boxes also hold exclusive promo codes and coupons. The website is 100% free and even no charges for shipping.


If you are not willing to write reviews and don’t have time to spend over the internet doing such laborious things, then this website is for you. This site will enable you to get free samples for women without writing reviews and taking the survey. SampleSource is a free site to offer samples and free stuff. They deliver you a box of freebies and samples every three months or so. 

To receive these free sample boxes, you just have to sign up for free to get notifications for the coming available sample box. Each sample box usually contains 5 to 15 useful items. This box is perfect for women as it contains a range of beauty products and makeup items and many other samples from household cleaning, home, garden, and grocery categories.

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