Where to Find the Best Healthy Samples and Free Trials

If you are looking for free healthy samples and free trials, you have come to the right place. Because we will help you find the best places to get the useful healthy samples and free trials you are looking for. If you like free items, you will love to get the free sample boxes from various websites. 

Whether if you are searching for free healthy samples of food free coffee, healthy snacks, health care products, innovative grooming and beauty products, monthly subscription boxes, or some coupons, we have got you covered.

In the below section, you will learn about the 10 best sites where you can get wonderful free trials and healthy samples. To get the amazing free sample boxes, explore the websites given below to get your free stuff delivered straight to your door. So, check out our list of websites and get your hands on free health samples and free trials.


At FreeFlys, you will get free health samples from many well-known brands. With free samples from Freeflys, you will be able to try products before you buy them. Whether you want to try a new health care product or need help with quitting smoking, you can get each type of health care sample on the Freeflys website.


To get free health samples, PINCHme is a great website to check out. You just have to sign up for the website and PINCHme will send you free samples from various leading brands. In return, you need to send feedback. The website offers samples from big brands for free. Besides, you will get free shipping. All you need to do is to start taking a survey of the website and choose samples to receive and then share your feedback. 

Greatist Goods

Greatist goods is another great website to get free health products. It is a health and fitness website that will provide you with free samples of its products range. You need to check the website and find the one you want from the list of products.

Free Stuff

Free Stuff offers a wide variety of Free health samples including free vitamins and supplement samples, advanced nutrients, diet plans, free protein bars, free toothbrush and floss, eye drop samples, and many other free health samples. Every day you can receive healthy samples just by clicking on the ones you like to receive. Free Stuff site gathers free healthy samples from all over the internet to help you get the free trials and healthy samples.


You can get health and wellness free product samples from the MySavings.com website. You can find several health samples including nutrient supplements, herbal medicines, organic protein powder, and healthy protein and chocolate bars, and many more. You need to check the list of free samples available and get the one you want. 


On the Graze website, you can get free healthy snacks. Receive four healthy and delicious snack samples from Graze for free. When you sign up for Graze, you will get a collection of tasty, healthy, and delicious snacks right to your door each month. As a bonus, each Graze snack is free of genetically engineered ingredients, trans fats, fructose corn syrup, colors, and artificial flavors. 

Nature Box

If you are looking for free healthy snacks, sign up for the subscription service for Nature Box. Just by signing up, you can get your sample box for free. You will get a free box containing 6 different types of healthy and delicious snacks to your doorstep. The best thing is, all of these are full-sized products. 

I Love Free Things

I Love Free Things website connects businesses and consumers to assist each other to get benefits. It is an old and well-known website that was created in 2006 and it provides a huge collection of samples and products such as free healthy samples, free beauty products, and pet food. All you have to do is to visit the website and look for the sample you need from the list of products on the website. Clicking on the sample will lead you to the site offering a free sample to claim it.


You can get free latest healthy product samples on the Influenster website. If you are highly active on social media, then this website is the best option for you. Generally, the more you stay active on social media, the more you will be able to get free samples. When you receive your box of free trials, you need to complete the online tasks, thus creating more chances to get the more free boxes.

Try the World

Try the World website will help you can get Free International Food. Every month, you can receive a free box of 7 to 8 gourmet treats and snacks from a new country. You will be able to try it for a month for free.

Final thoughts on getting freebies

There are lots of ways and websites you can use to receive free healthy samples and free trials. Whether it is a healthy food product, free skincare products, or home care items, there are many brands and businesses out there that will give you free samples to your doorstep.

For some products, you may have to write reviews, give feedback, or pay for shipping but this is not a difficult task. So explore the websites on our list and get your free health samples and free trials to your home for free. 

Thanks for reading and hopefully you get some awesome free healthy sample and trial boxes this month without spending your money.

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