I Love Free Stuff Review: A Great Site for Freebies

We all know that a freebie is a sample that is given away free of cost to market a new product to consumers or to get reviews about the product.  I Love Free Things is such a site where you find a lot of items in the form of free stuff.

This site is committed to improving the quality of life of the common man as consumers. It never charged to access the directory of a freebie at ilft.com. The subscription process at this site is quite simple. You do not have to subscribe formally to the site to access the freebies directory.

Although it is right that the subscribers enjoy all it’s benefits like they have every new free item sent to them directly as soon as possible. So this subscription increases the chances of getting the freebie items before its expiry date.

Requires no personal details to subscribe

Ilft.com does not want you to give out your personal information. There are many offers which require your contact information just to know where to send your free products. There are also some companies which ask you for some more information and it totally depends on you how much personal information you want to disclose. It is not so that if you do not give all the information which the company is asking you can disqualify in any way from receiving the freebies. Also, you should visit the privacy policy page for each request form when you submit to the internet.

Why some companies delay deliveries?

You know that the companies need to promote themselves to get more new customers and also want to keep their existing customers too. So if they offer freebies and giveaways in a good way it will be quite helpful to build strong customer loyalty to their products. Whenever you get an offer if any free stuff through the ilft.com site, remember that the receiving time of the product totally depends on the relevant company which is promoting the product. But it takes 6 to 8 weeks for the ultimate shipping of the product to you. In case you do not receive any freebie, it might have some solid reasons.

What is a blank link?

It might happen that the shipping freebies have to face some unforeseeable circumstances. It is also possible that the product is in high demand and the manufacturing sample sizes and postal delivery backup is having some problems. But if you have waited for a long time and still did not get your freebie you need to contact the website or the company which is offering the promotion directly. It can also happen sometimes that if you click a link it can take you to a blank or expired page or you can be redirected to a different offer. It happens when some companies have some technical issues and they are receiving much traffic to their websites. It is also possible that the offer has actually expired due to unlimited supply. So in case if you face any of such problems you are recommended to report these links by flagging them. If you flag an offer it is actually a sign of alert that there is a problem so the team at ilft.com looks into the problem and finds the ways to solve it from their end.

Get exciting deals on the lift platform

At ilft.com you find amazing deals on many items. We are describing some of them below.

Music Deals 

You can find amazing music offers from Amazon. It could be a limited time offer as a 60 day free trial of Amazon music and it is valid for the Amazon music subscribers only. This promotional offer which is valid for 60 days is redeemable to an individual monthly plan. 

Free Skin Products

The second one is free products from Dove Company like go fresh and men + care dry spray samples. You can get this offer of completely free samples from the company. The offer of such items usually is for one person and is limited to USA residents only. 

Free Kids Toys

There are also some free Infantino holiday toys which are based on product test. You can visit the offer and register there. It is possible that you might be selected to test out a bundle of Infantino toys. They only ask you to give them your honest feedback about the product and write some reviews on the toy. The best thing about it is that the toy becomes yours to keep. The only requirement is that you must have an infant aged 3 to 12 months old. 


You can get more things like the following:

  • Movie Packs
  • Disney Movies Points
  • Free Fresh Steps Points
  • Free Face Masks
  • Free bags of Chips
  • Free Organic Cookies
  • Free Magazines Subscriptions
  • Free CBS Watch
  • Free Decor Mags


This site ilft.com keeps the personal details of the users for the purpose of information. The site does not take responsibility to represent or warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information of its users. All the content present on the site is provided in good faith.

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