My Free Product Samples Review: Freebies and More

Among several sites for free products, there is a unique site named My Free Product It stands apart as this is a website that is dedicated to finding the best free stuff deals for its users. The site launched in 2007 and with time over time it has got many new wonderful readers and amazing people as its users.

Do remember that none of the samples, deals, or products which are shown on the website My Free Product are offered by the other sites. They are simply the search of the internet for the companies that are offering free samples coupons and deals.

After searching the best ones this site posts them on the site in a central and organized place for its readers. It is available to every reader and it depends on the reader which deal he likes the most and consequently places an order for the deal.

On every page, you will find a link saying ‘Get my free sample’.  Now you can click that link and this link will lead you to the website of the company which is giving away the free sample. Here you will find a form where you have to fill out the necessary information to get your free sample.

Get Super Deals

At this site, you will find many amazing deals like:

  • Free beauty samples
  • Free books and magazines
  • Free calendars 
  • Free happy samples 
  • Free huge health samples
  • Free household samples
  • Free kids samples
  • Free medicine samples
  • Sweepstakes 
  • Giveaways
  • Blog giveaways
  • CVS deals 
  • Walmart deals 
  • Walgreens deal
  • Target deals
  • Kroger deals
  • Restaurant deals 
  • Amazon deals
  • Points and rewards 
  • Paid survey sites
  • Rebates 
  • Smart source coupons
  •  Store coupon
  •  Hotstar coupon
  •  Redplum coupons

Free crafting classes

At this site, you will find an amazing deal named free online crafting classes. You can get the opportunity to learn how to buy some Halloween crafting projects simply for free. You can access around 50 online art and craft classes from these sites. These tutorials range from several minutes to a few hours long and have several crafting activities. You do not need to pay through your credit cards to view these freebies. 

Swagbucks deals

Also, there is a great offer of points and rewards where you get gift cards with the Swagbucks is a site where you can earn thousands of free prizes for doing little things. It is an online portal that is dedicated to helping through digital activities. You get points and you can redeem these points into money.

Amazon deals

Also, this site offers you payable Amazon gift cards to use like clothes, collectibles, games electronics, and many more things. You will also find kids’ toys models. These might contain Lego classic bricks building toys at a very low price. You can get many holiday shopping items like Lego classic bricks which are building toys with 1504 pieces and it is very great for kid’s inspiration. The kids play, build, rebuild, construct, and develop creative potential. It is also beneficial for educational activities. These bricks are available in various colors and shapes including wheels, windows, etc. Kids can build anything according to their imagination. They also provide kid’s guides to build sample Lego toys like frog, pirate, ship, elephant, or castle. There are also some latest weekly items and on this site.

A US-based platform

My Free Product is a US-based website and promotes offers only available to US people. It has a newsletter that has around 120000 readers of all ages and they are from the United States. The readers are free to express their opinions and recommendations. This website receives page views around 135000 unique visitors per month and this site is ranked in the top 10 on Google under multiple high traffic keywords.

Why the information is collected?

My Free Product is the owner of the information of its users it collects and monitors all the information of its users from different points. The users who want to register at this site have to contact the site. You have the freedom to give your personal information to this site or not. . This site has a very good privacy policy for its users and it protects users’ privacy. But it also says that it does not promise that your identity or information for private communication will always stay private. This site might include parties who legally attempt to enter this website and its transmission or private communications.

You can understand this by a simple example that when a reader register for third parties he is offered to promote the website. So My Free Product as a result receives payment as an affiliate. In this promotion process, the site will not sell any of your personal information.

Third-Party Ads

This platform uses third-party advertising companies to serve its users with ads. So when any user visits any link for free stuff, the companies may use the information like about your visit to this or other websites. This is done to provide advertisements about the services and the deal that might interest you.

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